The RealBio D4™ Culture System is an advanced, disposable cell culture technology that facilitates the growth of in vitro cultures while mimicking the natural composition, configuration and function of in vivo tissues.

The System represents a tool that can produce “human equivalent” tissue, which may result in richer data earlier and greater competitive advantage.

It offers scientists and healthcare professionals expanded opportunities for research and development.

New opportunities for study include:

  • Cancer tumor models
  • Stem cell expansion
  • Barrier tissue research
  • Bioproduction applications
Cancer Modeling & Cancer Research

Researchers can use the RealBio D4™ Culture System to achieve reliable culture samples without the need to use xenograph models. Because the cells in our system organize closely mimic the natural function of analogous tissue in vivo, researchers have a distinct advantage over those using traditional methods, including most other so-called 3D cell culture technologies.

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